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Moving Tips

Before you start to think about packing, spend some time removing any items you no longer need, want or use. There is no point spending time and money moving items that months or years down the line will be taking up valuable space or heading to the tip! When going through this process it is best to start with removing any rubbish, then items you know you don't wish to keep followed by matching items like for like to see if you have any doubles. Sarah offers a sensitive but productive de-cluttering service and can help save you lots of time by preparing your house and belongings before you even start to pack. Find her at
Make a list / take pictures

This is the best way to organise yourself. Write down everything that needs moving. If you have a whole house move, take a picture of all larger items. I am happy to receive lists, emails with pictures etc. Whatever is easiest for you. The more detail we have before the job , the better both you and I can plan ahead. 

Have plenty of supplies

Gather together, boxes, parcel tape, labels. We will always have a basic tool kit to take apart any items we have pre-arranged.  Fragile tape is recommended for those items that need extra care. 

Strategise box use

Like for like is important. Use one box in a room so you can save time when you are unpacking the other end. Colour co-ordinate or add labels. Also when we deliver your boxes we wont know what is inside so to be sure we place in the correct room labels are a must! 

Be Prepared

Obviously if you have hired us we are there to work hard but efficiency is a key part of our service. There are some things you can do in advance to save time and money for yourself.

Empty your drawers,

Remove bedding,

Dismantle furniture,

Disconnect appliances 

Label boxes




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